Retire Windows File Servers

Combine local storage with the cloud.

Boost productivity, reduce costs, and maintain security.

Maintain consistency across all projects with a centralized folder structure and familiar interface that requires no user training. Keep total control of content and monitor how files are accessed using advanced reporting and auditing capabilities.

Cut costs

Integrating on-premises file servers with Egnyte drastically reduces the amount of money, time, and effort needed to manage and scale content processes. Eliminate the hassles of Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) and transform multiple servers into a single point of administration for the entire company. Permission replication is built into Egnyte, along with file redundancy meaning no more backup or disaster recovery expenses.

Secure your systems

Experience increased security features like end-to-end encryption and advanced ransomware protection. Identify security risks and ensure users only have access to the folders they need with the permissions browser. Prevent unauthorized file deletion and detect abnormal user behaviors with advanced reporting and auditing.

Collaborate anywhere

Get fast, secure content access from any location without relying on VPN or a mapped drive. Multiple deployment options provide the fastest performance for large files, even where connectivity is poor. Allow teams to work on the go while updates and edits are saved in the most efficient way possible. Egnyte even integrates with dozens of productivity apps to maintain seamless, familiar, collaborative workflows.

Ensure compliance

Comply with data sovereignty requirements by keeping content in Egnyte’s US/EU data centers, or a third-party cloud repository. Centralized trash management will make it easy to customize retention settings and comply with Legal Hold policies while centralized visibility and control of all company data makes compliance with industry regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA), easy.

Streamline and optimize.

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