Data Governance

Avert breaches and detect insider threats


Reduce risk of a breach with smart data governance

As content grows, so does the risk (and potential repercussions) of a data breach. Centralized visibility and control over files at all stages of the data lifecycle can help you find, protect and manage sensitive data that hackers want — and users might unwittingly provide. Egnyte provides integrated governance and security to minimize the legal, financial and operational liabilities that can result from data breaches.

Reduce the attack surface

  • Rapidly discover and secure your most sensitive data.
  • Ensure that the right people have access to the right content and detect potential exposure.
  • Guard against accidental and malicious sharing of content through sensitive content controls.

Mitigate issues before they impact your business

  • Detect potential exposure of sensitive information in real time.
  • Focus on addressing the most serious issues first through automated ranking of risk severity level.
  • Disable compromised user accounts with one-click.

Prevent imminent threats

  • Detect malicious or careless insiders trying to access sensitive data, delete, or walk away with your content.
  • Prevent suspicious logins and block risky geographies.
  • Identify ransomware on your file system before your data is held hostage.
  • Get alerted to zero-day ransomware attacks with sophisticated content intelligence right at the source of your files.

Protect your brand, reputation and financial health

  • Set and enforce sensitive data handling policies that demonstrate your commitment to privacy
  • Avoid disruption of operations that could cripple your business by limiting the risk of breaches before they begin.
  • Don’t let a breach destroy your reputation with your customers, employees and shareholders