Egnyte & Microsoft

Expand Office Collaboration

Seamlessly Integrate the Office

Experience a customizable environment that enables employees to work from any location, on any device. Our seamless integration with popular Microsoft solutions, including Azure AD, Azure Cloud Storage, and SharePoint, enables companies to protect their investments and utilize the infrastructure they already have.

Streamlined workflow

Open any Microsoft document stored in Egnyte using Office Online; ensuring a unified user experience while still enabling all the sharing capabilities of Egnyte.

  • Collaborate on a file with multiple people at the same time
  • Edits are automatically saved to and are available to co-workers
  • File locking while editing ensures proper version control

Improved productivity

Mobile devices are becoming more popular for editing content. Now it’s easy to access files within Egnyte directly from Microsoft Office mobile apps without having to be in the office.

  • Easily open and edit files on mobile apps
  • All local edits are synced so the latest version is also available
  • Mark a file for offline access and work without data connection

Unified experience

Egnyte makes it very easy to send links directly from Outlook. Open and edit Egnyte files from within Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and the changes will save directly to Egnyte.

  • Share links to multiple files or folders with all the advanced sharing options
  • Save Office Online files and share new versions instantly

Microsoft Teams

Egnyte for Microsoft Teams allows teams to take full advantage of Egnyte’s advanced content management capabilities without ever leaving the Teams interface.

  • Share project files with anyone – even those not using Teams
  • Kick off workflows such as sending documents for signature
  • Ask third parties to post files that are accessible in Teams

Microsoft Power Automate

Egnyte for Microsoft Power Automate is cloud-based software that allows users to create and automate workflows and tasks across over 220 applications and services. To create a flow, the user specifies what action should take place when a specific event occurs.

  • Automatically tag photos with custom metadata
  • Quickly create approval flows
  • Easily send files to a specific folder based on specific criteria
  • Customize your own flows

Egnyte + Microsoft

Collaborate with confidence