Online Storage

Secure Online File Storage in Permissions-Based Folders

The Egnyte Cloud File Server is an easy-to-use online storage solution for storing business files of any size or type online in secure, permission-based folders. These folders are designed to allow for a hierarchical structure, letting you nest them together in order to create folders that have smaller sub-groups, each containing its own individual level of permission-based security. Because folder access is permission governed, you have full control over who has read, write and delete privileges for every folder at every level for both individual users and groups. Egnyte is designed to provide business-class online storage solutions for both small businesses and larger organizations.

When setting up online storage accounts for employees and business partners, you decide what folders they can access by assigning appropriate folder permissions. For example, you can create a sales department folder that is accessible only to the sales team. Similarly, you can have a common folder that all employees of your company are allowed to access. And because Egnyte allows for two types of users - Power Users, which are typically your employees and Standard Users, which are your clients or partners - you can also have specific folders within your online storage account that your customers can access.

Online storage that gives you access control over your files

Egnyte's online storage solution is designed around permission-based security to determine what users and groups have access to which files and folders. Egnyte's online storage rights management is powerful and easy to use. Users can have Read Only, Read/Write or Read/Write/Delete permissions to the folders they are permitted to view, which in turn determines the actions they can perform on the files in that folder. For example, a user with Read Only access can view and download files, but they cannot edit, upload or delete files.

Further, you can also aggregate users to extend folder permissions at a group level. For example, employees and business partners can collectively belong to a group that has permission to access a specific suite of files. If an employee transfers to another project, it is a simple matter of changing that employee's group membership without impacting his/her other valid access rights.

Securely access files from any computer or device

Egnyte Cloud File Server is purpose-built to facilitate "on-the-go" collaboration with co-workers and clients. Both employees and business partners can access Egnyte using a Web browser, smart-phone or tablet. Employees also have the option to access their folders and files on Egnyte's online storage using a mapped drive from their computer for convenient file drag, drop and edit capabilities (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible). Regardless of how you access Egnyte, folder permissions are always enforced.

Flexible options to upload your files

You can upload files to Egnyte's online storage in a variety of ways. Drag and drop files into the online folders using either the mapped drive or the built-in multi-file upload tool. For very large files over 500 MBs, Egnyte provides a special no-maintenance FTP interface.* We also offer Data Migration Services for customers with large initial data sets they wish to migrate into their Egnyte online storage account.