File Sharing with an Online Hard Drive

Accessible by PC, Mac, or Your Favorite Mobile Device

An Online Hard Drive That Goes Wherever You Go

Egnyte Cloud File Server offers greater features for businesses than traditional physical hard drive solutions. Whereas physical hard drives are prone to theft, loss, crashes, disk surface defects, data loss and corruption, Egnyte's online file server solution provides superior redundancy, scalability, reliability and enterprise-class security.


Whether used as an online file server or as an online hard drive, Egnyte is easy to use, cost effective, and secure. Moreover, Egnyte provides features unavailable to physical standalone hard drives:

Much more than an online hard drive

Hard disk consumer products, in of themselves, are unscalable and limited in storage space. Unless put in a RAID configuration and operated in conjunction with a tape backup unit, standalone hard drives have no disaster recovery capability, fault tolerance or data protection.

Due to physical limitations, physical hard drives cannot be shared simultaneously with others. In a business environment, an external hard drive makes for an unreliable file storage repository or computer backup system. Without file versioning, hard drives have no way to share files and transfer them safely, as there is always the danger that files can be saved over with outdated information. There is no access logging or means to manage access rights to files and folders.

Whether used as an online file server or as an online hard drive, Egnyte is easy to use, cost effective, and secure.

Share your online hard drive contents securely with co-workers and clients

Egnyte provides the capability for you to define users and groups to your online hard drive's files and folders. For instance, you can create a client folder, and enable not only the client but specific departments within your company to have read-only access versus read-write access.

With Egnyte as an online hard drive providing you with file sharing and file versioning capabilities, you are no longer an island of information with outdated information. Road-warriors will directly benefit form your company's administrative support updating the same information within the same file repository. Further, Egnyte supports large file transfers so that large file sizes will not cause e-mails to bounce or for standard methods to time out.

Work locally, Work globally

Egnyte provides a hybrid cloud solution which combines all the advantages of a cloud file server with the benefits of local cloud technology - an always-available local copy of your files - thereby providing wire-speed access of your business information that is automatically synchronized with cloud-based copies. This seamless integration enables you and your team to access and edit files from anywhere - with the ability to easily share information with business partners.

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