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BuzzFeed’s business is content. Egnyte is their security blanket.
BuzzFeed’s business is content. Egnyte is their security blanket.
Yamaha chooses Egnyte Connect to achieve critical business goals.
Yamaha chooses Egnyte Connect to achieve critical business goals.
Balfour Beatty US Customer Testimonial Video
Balfour Beatty US lays foundation for collaboration with Egnyte Connect.

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The true benefit of a SaaS service is more than just monthly savings. You should experience hardware, software and operational cost efficiencies, as well as significant gains in productivity. Get the complete picture with a view into your organization's ROI.

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"We evaluated cloud only solutions, but for us, the cloud was not enough. We really needed a combination of local storage and cloud to keep our teams humming across the globe. Egnyte addresses multiple file management needs for us as the company grows and is an essential part of our infrastructure."
Dave Holeman, VP of IT

“Balfour Beatty had tried other solutions before Egnyte Connect, but without success. With this solution we now have a rock-solid digital documentation process with a smart collaboration solution across our entire organization. We are now able to embrace the next level in the digital realm to create value and efficiency for our team and our clients.”
Greg Dasher, Director of Technology and Innovation

“Before finding Egnyte, we were in a constant battle with unreliable internet connection, slow upload speeds, and outdated storage devices. Egnyte has now enabled us to operate in a positively unprecedented fashion, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.”
Chris Primeau, IT Manager

“Collaboration can become complex and disorganized if you let it, but with Egnyte we have simplified the process. We’re able to securely store, edit, and share files between multiple offices around the world without running into bandwidth, file versioning, or access issues. M&C Saatchi is a fast-paced organization and Egnyte keeps up, bottom line.”
Alistair Roberts, Director of IT

Meet Your Unique Needs

Egnyte's architecture enables organizations to solve more than just cloud-only file sharing and private access to files behind the firewall. Flexible deployment models provide custom solutions for every use case — project collaboration via any device, site-to-site replication across multiple offices or large file transfer with external clients.

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