Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Migrate on-premises content to Egnyte with ease.

Flexible migration options

Whether it is on a file server, network share, Linux device, or desktop, we provide flexible and secure options to get your content to Egnyte. All while preserving file server permissions to ensure a smooth transition and a seamless experience for your users.

Migrate network shares

Maintain permissions and metadata with the most comprehensive way to migrate content to Egnyte from Windows file servers. Our Cloud Migration Manager also supports moving content from an active Egnyte domain to an archive domain for performance, savings and regulatory compliance.

Migrate file servers

Move all files to the cloud while still having the ability to edge-cache files on premises for enhanced performance. Once set up, content changes are synced between the cloud master and on-premises cache so users always have access to the latest file version.

Migrate content from custom applications

A fast, simple and secure way to move content from application servers that only support secure protocols like SFTP. Using just a standard SFTP client, files can be easily transferred to Egnyte from any Windows or Linux server.

Migrate files from the desktop

There is no easier or faster way to get content from a user’s desktop than with the Egnyte Desktop app. Install the app, select folders to migrate, and simply drag them to Egnyte App. With full access to all files in the Egnyte cloud, and the ability to sync more than 500,000 files to the desktop, it can handle even the most demanding users.

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