Aerohive Connects Office Across the Globe

Expanding a network of global collaboration

“Egnyte addresses multiple file management needs for us as our company grows and is an essential part of our infrastructure.”

Dave Holeman VP of IT

Expanding a Network of Global Collaboration

Growth Stresses On-Premises Infrastructure

Like many mid-sized companies, Aerohive had traditional infrastructure housed at headquarters - file servers, VPN for remote access, and associated backup of file shares. Classic infrastructure served Aerohive well until the business began experiencing accelerated, international growth.

The number of remote employees increased without a central “office” to work from. It was important to ensure they could still be productive, creating and managing their files. IT also became increasingly concerned about losing data, should an employee laptop crash or be stolen.

Company growth caused collaboration between engineering offices in China and California to bottleneck. In order to access files, the team in China would connect remotely to the California file server, but connectivity was fraught with problems. The network suffered slow speeds or sometimes completely shut down, causing significant productivity loss further exacerbated by conflicting time zones. It was important to ensure the office in China had fast access to files updated in California that day.

On-premises file servers constrained remote productivity and as the cloud became more mainstream, IT noticed employees using consumer-grade file sharing solutions as a work-around. Aerohive recognized the need to embrace the cloud by finding a solution that could satisfy their various file storage and sharing requirements.

“We really needed a combination of local storage and cloud to keep our teams humming across the globe.”

Dave Holem - VP of IT

Making the Connection

Aerohive needed a flexible, cloud-based system with enterprise-grade security and because they chose to migrate parts of the business from a traditional file share, it was essential to find a solution with granular sub-folder level permissions.

In addition to multi-device access, Aerohive sought to deploy a solution that users could adopt quickly. However, the biggest system requirement was consistent, uninterrupted collaboration with China, even when network connections were unreliable. A cloud-only solution simply wouldn’t suffice.

Empowering Worldwide Collaboration

Aerohive chose Egnyte for its scalability and hybrid offering. They use Storage Sync, a lightweight, virtualized application to sync on-premises storage directly to the cloud, which gives users seamless file access with a familiar mapped drive. Aerohive deployed Storage Sync in California and China to store the most commonly shared engineering file sets. This ensured the China team always had fast, local access to content, regardless of Internet connectivity.

Files updated in China sync to the cloud, then to the on-premises repository in California. However, If the China office experiences connectivity issues, Egnyte monitors the network and waits to sync content until a connection is available. Similarly, as the staff in California finalize work each day, files are synced to China in time for their business day to start.

Dave Holeman, VP of IT for Aerohive says, “We evaluated cloud-only solutions, but for us, the cloud was not enough. Egnyte addresses multiple file management needs for us as the company grows and is an essential part of our infrastructure.”

Egnyte also provides centralized content control and integrates with Active Directory for better user and password management. Remote users can sync critical files from desktops to the cloud, knowing Egnyte keeps their content safe with secure backups. More Aerohive employees than ever are accessing files through Egnyte mobile apps on the devices they choose.

When asked to reflect on their new collaboration solution, Dave Holeman, VP of IT said, “Ease of use for end users is critical, but not at the expense of security…The folder permissions Egnyte provides are the most advanced I have seen in the market, letting us manage access in line with our business policies.”